Our Wedding – Progress Diary

June and July 2013

Oh my goodness!!! It has been a VERY busy couple of months!!!!!! We had a Bridesmaid dress disaster which has now been resolved, I paid off my dress and decided which bolero to wear with it, we booked our honeymoon in Sicily, bought the Groomsmen their shirts and ties and got myself some freebies from Vistaprint among about a million other things! And breaaaathhhhheeeeeeee!!!

March and April 2013

Match and April have been DIY and organisation months. And then there was the Bridesmaid dress disaster! So I’ve been glued to the budget planner, working out how I am going to be able to afford to buy 3 new dresses. On a more positive note, I’ve also been glittering jars, buying candles, designing a ‘Grooms’s Book’ and collating a frankly massive to-do list to keep on top of things as the days pass by! I’m now starting to feel very unorganised…..

February 2013

This month we put deposits down on the DJ and the chair hire people – very exciting!! And I’m so happy that we’ve finally got them sorted – its a big relief that the companies we wanted to use were still available for us! And we got pretty good deals on both – the DJ gave us £100 off because his was recommended to us, and the chair people gave us the chairs for half price! Big yay!!

January 2013

Its the WEDDING YEAR!!!!! Wooooo!! This month I did quite a lot wedding wise; we revisited our venue with our Mums, I decided on the style of wedding cake I want (there’s actually going to be FOUR cakes!!), bought my wedding shoes (two pairs!), I started my new skin care regime, and made a welcome sign to display in the venue entrance. And my Chief Bridesmaid and I put our heads together and decided what we’d do for my hen do!

Its been one busy month!!

December 2012

This month I put a deposit down on THE dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!! I managed to get quite a nice discount off of the original price of the dress as I bought the shop’s sample as it fit almost perfectly! Now I have my dress, I can alter my exercise and eating regime slightly to allow the dress to fit perfectly; I just need to lose 1 inch for it to fit without me needing any alterations. Yay!!

November 2012

This month has pretty much been an organisation month (i.e. quite boring). I’ve gone through every box of wedding stuff we’d shoved in the loft while moving house, and made lists of all the contents. This was quite handy actually, as we across the little business cards I’d got off Vistaprint before the fabulous Hannah Parman offered to design us our dream wedding invites (more on this lovely lady in a few months). Seeing as there wasn’t actually anything wrong with the little cards, I put them aside so we could send them out with our Christmas cards in December.

I also spent a pretty long time on Pinterest researching pretty stuff to help develop our theme (but that goes without saying!).

September 2012

I went to try a dress on!!!!!!!! And fell in love!!! Foolishly, I popped into the Bridal shop in my new town to have a look for skirt ideas. You may remember from previous posts, that I already have a dress, but didn’t like the skirt. So I went into the shop to find the kind of skirt I liked with the hope of having a seamstress recreate it for me. But what actually happened was I fell in love with a completely different dress! It was nothing like the dress I currently have hanging up in my cupboard, and its nothing like any of the ones I have cut out of magazines over the last 2 years.

But I love it. And so I now just have to do some serious extra saving to afford the considerably more expensive price tag…..

July & August 2012

These two months have been pretty quiet wedding wise due to the ‘big move’ and getting 3 very cheeky puppies! So the wedding has definitely come second to all that craziness. I’ve really missed wedding planning though – it has felt like I haven’t done anything constructive or useful with the planning at all!!

However, I did do one exciting weddingy thing in late August (albeit not for our wedding) – I got my first stationery commission from another Bride! She’d seen my reserved seating sign tags that I’d designed and made for our wedding, and wanted some for hers! So I made her some which fitted in with her colour scheme, and I’m glad to say that she was very happy with them!!! Yay!!!

June 2012

Well, apart from being in the thick of the house buying process, I’ve also been getting stuck into the wedding. Despite having bought a whole stationery set from M&S which was a mission in itself 6 months ago (a story for another time), I’ve taken the plunge and ditched them. I’ve been offered a whole new stationery set by an up and coming stationery designer for FREE. So its no surprise that I’ve ditched the M&S ones, and got stuck into creating a set which completely reflects the theme of our wedding! I finally LOVE my invitations!!

I’ve also been ‘budget bashing’ and trying to find ways to cut the overall cost of the wedding, with mixed results.

My most favourite thing that I have done this month however, is finding the wedding dress ‘skirt’ of my dreams. I haven’t been happy with the skirt on my current wedding dress for a while now, and its taken a long time to find something that fits my imagination. But I’ve found it! Yay!!

May 2012

Oh my goodness! It has been a busy month! Not so much with wedding stuff, but we have just put an offer in on a house and its been accepted! So we are now in the process of buying our first house together!! Exciting!!

Wedding wise, I’ve mainly been looking at creating little DIY pieces to add to our wedding, and thinking about seating plans. Nothing particularly exciting, but things that have to be thought about nonetheless!

April 2012

April has been quite a quiet month with very little wedding related stuff happening.

The only major wedding related thing that has happened is that I have finally made our bouquets and buttonholes! The whole process, to make 4 bouquets, and 7 buttonholes (still need to do two more), has taken probably a month (in between working etc).

Oh, and also we re-visited our venue and took lots of photos! I’d been wanting to re-visit for ages, as it felt like we were planning things without having a clear view of the room etc. I also really wanted to get some photos of the room, because those shown on the website do the place no justice! It’s also handy to have them as a planning resource, so we can get a good idea of how we’ll decorate the place!

I did also order our RSVP cards and wedding website cards from Vistaprint, and I received them a week ago! They look fab! When I next have a spare day I will dig out the ‘proper invitations’ and take a photo of our mismatching stationery set!

Okay, so maybe I have done quite a lot this month!!

March 2012

March has been a REALLY busy month! So much has happened! We finally decided on, and asked the different members of our wedding party to officially be bridesmaids/ushers/best men etc, which in itself was a bit of a mission! Despite all all living in pretty much a 5 mile radius, we had to book each person into the diary to personally ask them! Luckily they all said yes and are really excited!

We posted our Save the Date magnets to our family and friends on our anniversary and they have started to receive them now which is very exciting!

I’ve also been working on numerous DIY projects. I’ve created some stationery pieces, and some venue decorations over the last month, and I’ve also undertaken the giant project of making all the bouquets and buttonholes for the wedding party! They are coming along slowly but surely!

February 2012

This month has been quite quiet wedding wise – there just hasn’t been much that we’ve been able to do! We did however, book our photographer and bought our wedding insurance, which are quite exciting things really! It was definitely a relief knowing we’ve booked and secured the photographer we wanted; I was worried someone would jump in and book her before us while we were dilly-dallying and then we’d be ‘up a certain creek’ both financially and in terms of knowing who to book! But luckily all is well and its all sorted!

I also managed to find quite a close match of ribbon for our Order of Services to match with the Bridesmaid dresses after A LOT of searching and running into different craft shops on the off chance they’d have the right colour! In the end it was on eBay that I found the closest match – its not exact, but it is quite similar, so we’ve taken our chances and gone with it!

January 2012

Well, its a new year, and to me, that feels like we are a whole lot closer to the big day!!

We’ve finally bought our wedding invitations – yet another bargain from M&S, and I’ve begun to make the little DIY decorations and personalised aspects of the day.

*unfinished chair signs – work in progress*

The Save the Date Magnets arrived at the start of the month and are perfect – they are now in envelopes ready to be sent off to family and friends in the next month or so (early I know, but we’re excited!!).

I also bought my GORGEOUS wedding shoes in the Kurt Geiger sale, and my wedding necklace from Past Times which is sadly closing down.

Its all starting to come together now which is very exciting!!

December 2011

I recently posted that due to some unforeseen family circumstances we have now had to postpone our wedding for a year..so we will now hopefully be getting married on the 28th December 2013!!

Our Save the Date cards are wrong now, so I’ve reordered some more using the same design (a picture of us in Cornwall where we got engaged), but this time we have gone for magnets rather than the over-sized postcards! Once again I took advantage of Vistaprint’s freebies, and have bought 50 for less than £10 including p&p! Bargain!!

We also bought the Bridesmaid dresses this month – I found some gorgeous wine coloured beauties at M&S for £55 each!! It became even more of a bargain as I was able to use my staff discount to get them both for less than £90!

November 2011

I managed to get my hands on a lovely ivory faux-fur jacket to go over my dress from Primark (of all places!) and an ivory shrug for each of my Bridesmaids from Matalan! The total cost? Less than £40 for all 3!! Such a bargain!!!

I also bought a table planner board (a large pinboard) which I plan to paint and decorate using our colours, in the same style as our wedding invitations!


We found and bought our centrepieces!! Its a rubbish photo so apologies in advance, but we’ve chosen to have this lovely decorative candle in the middle, and scatter ‘something’ (haven’t decided what exactly yet) around the base! We bought them from M&S (also available in silver and red) and they were super purse-friendly as they were on the 3 for 2 deal! I love them!!!!

I also bought my Bridesmaids a necklace and earring set each, to wear as part of their outfit on the day!

August 2011

This month has been super busy wedding wise!! After sending off for stationery samples from companies I believed to be ‘reasonable’ in price (they weren’t) I have decided I am going to make some of my own stationery (order of service, menus, place cards) and get the invitations from Vistaprint! There are some fab ready-made designs on there, and we’ve found one in particular which we both love…

Plus, we booked an appointment to view our no.1 prospective venue and we LOVED it!!!!!! We’ve decided to wait until the New Year before we book it (just to make sure our financial situation is all good-to-go) but it is definitely ‘the one’!! We’ll either be booking the venue for a date at the end of December 2012, or if our financial situation needs a bit of a boost after buying a house together, we’ll wait until 2014 to marry!!

Either way, its all really exciting!!!!

We are now researching into all the little extra bits; photographer, DJ, suits, stationery to make sure we can budget for all the extra bits and bobs that we’ll need and I’ve started to make my ‘Groom’s Box’… one of the next projects I’ll be sharing on here…

July 2011

July has been a VERY exciting month in the ‘M’ household, because WE FINALLY GOT ENGAGED!!!!

Mr M proposed on the 6th July, at a gorgeous place called Kynance Cove in Cornwall whilst we were on holiday!! Even though we had spoken about getting engaged in great lengths for a long time, it was still a massive surprise! It was better than I could have imagined, and we are both super happy!!

Now the official planning can begin…

First stop, VENUE!!


18 thoughts on “Our Wedding – Progress Diary

  1. I love your site! It’s really simple and has loads of useful links. I started my scrap book after we got engaged last year and it’s ideal when it comes to meeting photographers etc because you can show them what you have in mind for your special day. Good luck with planning your wedding!

    • Hi Debs,

      Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely comment! Its really nice to hear reader’s feedback, so thank you for taking the time to leave a message! Good luck with your wedding planning – it’s all very exciting!!!

      Lauren x

  2. I absolutely love your website!!! I am so excited to show my man your site!!! Thanks so much for sharing everything with everyone!!! Really excited to see the info about your grooms box’s! We are for sure on a budget and this is just amazing all the things you have shared!!! Cant wait to see what else your going to share!!! Have a great wedding!!!!

    • Hi Sharon!

      Thank you so much for your lovely message!! I’m really glad you like my blog and are inspired by the groom’s box I’m creating for my husband-to-be!! I hope to add some pictures of the progress I’ve made with it in the next week or so!

      Good luck with your wedding – do get in touch again if you have any queries or want to chat wedding ideas!!

      itsabridesworld xx

  3. Wow I found this site last night whilst using my bff google to hunt for pics of engagement cakes!! We are planning our wedding for May 2014 and I can see that I will be using this site a lot!! Good luck with everything, I can’t wait to keep reading

    Kaye xxx

    • Hi Kaye,

      Thanks for your lovely comment!

      I wish I’d have had an engagement party so I could have another cake! There’s some fab cakes out there!

      Have you decided on a colour scheme for your wedding yet?


      • There are some amazing cakes, I have made a firm decision on the wedding cake!! Our theme is old english/vintage/garden party ish!! But colour wise baby pink :) I have just ordered some material from ebay (cath kidston design!) to make bunting for our party which will double up to be used at the wedding as well :) xxx

  4. Are you having a coloured cake? I think a baby pink and white cake would be AMAZING and you could get a bunting cake topper to tie in with your theme! Something like this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/79998465/tilda-cake-bunting-made-with-beautiful?ref=sr_gallery_39&ga_search_query=Pink+Bunting+cake+topper&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=GB&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_facet=handmadePink+Bunting+cake+topper

    Check out etsy.com – they have EVERYTHING lovely and vintagey on there!

    When we first started wedding planning we were going to have a summer garden party theme, then I saw a mood board for winter weddings and did a complete 360! :)

    But we are planning to renew our vows during the summer and that will be garden party themed! xxx

  5. That cake is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I expect it’d be quite expensive…but it’d be worth it haha.

    I am completely addicted to weddings! I am really enjoying planning everything and because I’m DIY’ing so much, it makes the whole day a lot more personal! Wedding planning is FAB!!! xxx

  6. It would defo be worth it!! We are also planning on doing as much DIY as possible to save those precious pennies!!

    I have tried to find your page on fb but couldn’t! Have you set it up yet??

    Ooh I’m so excited to have someone to share all this excitement with!!!! xxx

  7. I just wanted to say that you have completely inspired me to start my own blog :)

    Kaye xxx

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