Hi everyone!!

It feels like I have been away FOREVER!!! In reality it has been about 5 months! I didn’t properly explain my reasons for suddenly becoming very secretive and off the wedding radar, so I thought I’d better!

I August I found out that my in-laws had discovered my (almost) secret world that is itsabridesworld. Baring in mind I’d made it fairly hard to work out who was behind the blog and that I never advertised to friends or family, this shocked me and sent me into a bit of a panic. I was happy for the entire world to know what was going on, but not them. Partly because itsabridesworld was my own ‘thing’ and secondly because I’d listed what I’d bought them as gifts and suprises we were planning for the big day! So I went on lock down to prevent too many beans being spilt.

However I couldn’t stay away from wedding blogging for long, so I created a new blog; Live, Laugh, Love, Marriage which instead of being solely about MY wedding journey, was in fact a blog for everyone else! I became blogging other people’s weddings, which was pretty fun. Of course I didn’t not write anything about myself or my wedding, but it was nothing I wouldn’t want anyone else to see.

So, you may have noticed a certain date has passed…. I am now MARRIED! My husband, Dan and I got married a whole 6 days ago, and so I now feel the time is right to come back and say hello!

For now, my main ‘priorities’ lie with the Live, Laugh, Love, Marriage blog because I now don’t just have a commitment to myself, but to other Brides too.

So if you are still here, or come across and article or image I’ve used here on itsabridesworld, please pop over to LLLM and check out what is going on there. There’ll be sneak peeks of my wedding photos, the usual bargain buys, tips, hints, and of course the all important WEDDING REPORT!

Lots of love xxx


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