Inspiration: my wedding flowers

Originally, I wasn’t going to have any real flowers at our wedding. I’d made that decision based on a number of reasons; the cost of sourcing pretty flowers in December and the fact that Mr M and I both get hayfever.

But at the start of the year I began to have niggling doubts that I’d made that decision too quickly, without looking at all the options. So I contacted one of Mr M’s friends who owns a floristry business and asked her for some help!

So this is my inspiration for my ‘rustic winter wedding flowers’ …..20130720-174015.jpg

20130720-175035.jpgAll the bouquets are clean and simple with neutral colours and greenery. The way I described what I wanted from the bouquet to my florist was ‘imagine you’re walking in a woodland and you pick up lots of different flowers and natural materials and tie them altogether’.

And I think that all the bouquets in the moodboards above kind of reflect that!

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