Bridesmaid coats

So as you all know, we are having a winter wedding in the depths of December, and with that, the weather tends to be pretty cold.

With the original dresses I bought my three Bridesmaids, I bought them a ivory fur shrug each to wear outside, but now we have had to change the dresses and ended up with burgundy satin dresses, the shrugs now don’t look right. PLUS, because they were ivory they made the satin dresses look SO Christmassy – the exact look I wanted to avoid.

If I could describe our ‘wedding style’ (I don’t like that phrase as it sounds really forced but I can’t think of a better way to put it), it’d be ‘rustic, smart-casual’… there’s definitely nothing Christmassy about it and so I need to ‘casual-these-dresses-down’ a bit.

I did consider making my Bridesmaids go outside for photos without a cover up as initially I couldn’t think of any alternative to the ivory shrugs, but I’m not THAT mean! Besides, I have got long sleeves on my dress, plus a little ivory cropped fur jacket to wear when I’m outside, so they’d definitely look freezing in all the photos when standing next to me!!

But, once again, Pinterest has been my best friend… I found my inspiration; mismatched fur coats!

jackets2 jackets1

This fits in much better with the overall theme and style of our wedding, and so I’ve been scouring eBay for coats to fit my girls. And I’ve found some! I won by bidding on eBay for them and got the girls a different coat each… less than £30 for all three! Bargain!

Ive also ordered some personalised ‘wedding’ tags from a haberdashery company online and I’ll stitch them into the label to add that personalised touch to them.

Just got to wait for all the bits to come through now! Exciting!


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