My DIY wedding envelopes: part three

Aggggeeeesss ago I wrote a couple of posts about my journey with my DIY wedding envelopes (see them here and here). Well as fickle as I am, my envelope designs have changed slightly!

But from now on, there’ll be NO more changes – in fact, they are printed and ready and waiting for my fabulous stationery to be popped inside them and posted out!!!!

So these were my original ones in their draft stages…


…and these are my new FINAL ones!


I kept looking and looking at my original draft version, and something just wasn’t quite right. I LOVE the font, but its completely different to the fonts used on my invites. I also felt that there was a lot of empty space on the envelope (they’re C5/A5 envelopes, so quite big).

I know they’re only envelopes, and that they’re literally going to be battered about in the postal system and then ripped to shreds by our guests when they open them, but I want to give our friends and family a little ‘oooh’ when they drop through their letterbox, so I HAD to get them right.

So I decided to change the font to one very similar to the one I used on our Save the Date envelopes (see them here), and frame the name and address by putting a border around it. And then I decided to add the ‘deliver to:’ caption on the left after seeing a similar version on Pinterest. And I’m REALLY happy with them.

Obviously they haven’t got their postage stamps on yet, nor do they have the washi tape on the back to seal the flap, but I’ll upload more photos once they are actually at the ‘ready-to-be-dropped-in-postbox’ stage! I’ve also got some little personalised stickers that I got free from Vistaprint that I’ll be sticking on our envelopes to give the finishing touch; either over the top of the washi tape, or in the corner opposite to the postage stamp, or at the bottom on the reverse side of the envelope.

So now all I have to do is wait for our actual stationery to be printed… Eeeeek!!!

p.s. Don’t you just love how wedding envelopes look on mass?!

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