Bridesmaid outfits: part three (thousand)

I’ve banged on about it for what feels like forever now, but I’ve had to change the original Bridesmaid dresses I bought for my girls last year because of one of them having some weight issues. BUT now I believe I may have found some dresses to replace them.

They aren’t exactly what I wanted as I didn’t really want satin dresses, I didn’t want long dresses and I didn’t want traditional burgundy dresses (see a pattern here?), but having three girls who are completely different sizes and shapes and want different things has led to me pretty much giving up and buying dresses that tick every single one of those above boxes.


These new dresses are from Tesco of all places! Tesco now have an occasionwear range and amazingly they have dresses in a similar colour to my original ones. AND they have a variety of different styles. I sent this image to my Bridesmaids and asked them to choose their favourite…

..and then I ordered it! I’m now at the point where I’m not fussed if they’re all wearing the exact same thing –  I just want them to have something to wear thats the same colour as each other! So I have ordered two Bridesmaids the long strapless dresses (bottom right) and one in the cap sleeved short dress (top right).

Two of the girls have tried on the dresses and they fit beautifully; so now I just have to wait for my Chief Bridesmaid to come back off holiday on Saturday to try the final dress on.

Fingers crossed this quest/nightmare is over….!

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