UPDATE – wedding party outfits

Currently, the outfits the members of our wedding party are going to wear on our big day is a bit up in the air.

For the boys, I have ties and bowties. I have shirts on order, but I also have two shirts sitting in our spare room that have failed the ‘Mr M style test’ (i.e. he said he liked them online, they’ve been delivered and now he doesn’t like them). And we don’t have any suits as they’re not in stock till the Autumn.

As for the Bridesmaids, well, I have three Bridesmaid dresses hanging up in the cupboard. Two fit, one doesn’t. I went to order a new dress for the Bridesmaid whose dress doesn’t fit, and the company won’t have the material in for two weeks. And then it takes 8 weeks for them to be made and delivered. We also don’t have any shrugs or pashminas yet. But we have shoes!

My Mum has her dress! A beautiful lace navy number. But she doesn’t have any shoes, jacket/shrug and she hasn’t got a fasinator or a hat. Mr M’s Mum is ill and she doesn’t want to buy an outfit until a bit nearer to the time.

The Dads have just been instructed to wear a grey suit – the least offensive item of both men’s wardrobes.

As for me, I have a dress, which I’ve paid 50% of, and had to pay the remainder like yesterday/March (oops!). I have a fur shrug, but don’t know if I should have a lace bolero instead. I have two out of the three pairs of my shoes I’ll be wearing on the day in my cupboard and they’re beautiful. I have no underwear, hair piece, jewellery, or any idea of what my hair is going to be doing on the day.

There is plenty of time to go (227 days to be precise), but I am starting to figit a little that things aren’t nearer to being sorted….


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