Guest list & stationery updates

I think for most engaged couples, the guest list causes the most dramas. Luckily, at present for Mr M and I its not causing us too many problems, but enough to warrant us to reconsider how much we actually like people (partly kidding, partly not!)!

Mr M has got a HUGE family; lots of Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents and LOADS of cousins, plus hundreds of ‘close’ friends. So we’re trying to juggle the numbers with the numbers that make up our venue. And unfortunately we’ve had to make some cuts. We’re not able to invite his cousins to the whole day; not because we don’t like them(!), but because  we can’t invite one set of cousins without inviting the others, and so we’ve had to put a blanket rule down and not invite any of them to the day. Of course this isn’t ideal but we don’t really have any choice.

However on a more positive note, our stationery is in the final stages!!!!!!!!! Super, super excited!! Can’t wait to get them finalised, printed and then get ready to post at the start of August! As soon as they’re sent it all becomes official – no going back! Really exciting stuff!!!!

Now back to battling the guest list……


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