Bridesmaid’s pashminas

Now I’m having to buy new Bridesmaid dresses after one of the girls no longer fits in her dress, I’m having to reassess their outfits.

Buying new dresses obviously wasn’t in the budget, so I’ve been selling a few bits to be able to afford them. And to complete the outfit, I need something to cover their arms. The original faux fur shrugs I’d bought for the first dress don’t suit the style of the new dresses, so I’ve sold them and have been looking for an alternative. And I think that alternative is a pashmina.

The Bridesmaids will only be wearing them for about an hour whilst having their photos taken outside, so I can’t justify spending a lot of money on something that’ll only be worn for a short amount of time, but luckily I remembered the eBay seller I bought myself a pashmina from a while back for 99p!

Here’s the inspiration photos I’ve been looking at that have helped me make my decision..

pashmina 1

pashmina 2Now I’ve just got to decide what colour to buy them…


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