DIY project – Glitter jars

I’ve got the hugest collection of clear glass jars and a mixture of different colour glass bottles sitting in one of our spare rooms at the moment. And the more I look at them, the more I want to do something to them!!

I’ve decorated some of my glass jars already with white, cream and champagne coloured ribbons to try and balance out some of the rustic-ness of our decoration with something a bit more elegant and bridal.

But it was missing something. And that something was glitter.

So this afternoon I decided to give glittering some glass jars a go! And it’s worked quite nicely!

glitter jars

I’d bought some gold glitter paint from The Works a few months back to use on my wooden Mr and Mrs letters, and because it used only a tiny bit, I thought I’d try it on my glass jars. All I did was squirt the glitter paint INSIDE the jars, twisting the jar as I went to allow for even coverage. Then as it worked its way down the sides I added more in and kept the jar moving to get the glitter paint to cover any spots it’d missed! After its covered the whole of the jar and you’ve left it to dry, you’ll probably be surprised to find that A LOT of excess glitter paint is just sitting at the bottom; I just used a paintbrush to scrape it out and used it on the next jar I was glittering! And that is pretty much it! I would advise leaving your jars by an open window though – the fresh air helps the glitter set. If you just leave it in a room on the table you’ll be waiting a lot time before its dry enough to put things in!

3/4 of the bottle is enough to glitter about 15 small-medium sized jars (the size you’d get jam or preserves in) and you’d probably get 20-25 jars done with a full bottle, which isn’t too bad considering the bottle is only £1.49! You could probably get the same effect using glitter particles and mixing it with PVA glue.

I will point out that I’m NOT using the jars for tea lights as I’m not sure whether the paint is flammable or not and the last thing I want is to create mini fires on my wedding day! So I’ll be using mine as part of pinecones or flower displays. However, if you did want to use them for tealights, you could put battery operated ones in instead!

Got to love a bit of glitter!!

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