Oh So Cherished ‘My Beautiful Groom’ Journal Questions

Just in case anyone is interested in the questions in the Oh So Cherished journal questions which I used in my Groom’s book…

1) How we met, the way I remember it..

2) What I first thought of you..

3) How these thoughts have changed..

4) The first time you said I love you..

5) Our funniest moment together..

6) How I knew you were my soulmate..

7) The sweetest thing you did that you were unaware of..

8) I love it when you..

9) The aspirations I have for us..

10) You didn’t know this about me..

11) The time you were most there for me..

12) The best gift you ever bought me..

13) Something you said, I’ve never forgotten..

14) When i see you across a crowded room I think..

15) The best part of our wedding day will be..

16) My pre-wedding jitters..

17) Why you are perfect for me..

18) Where I see us in 10 years time..

19) The memory of us I cherish the most..

20) If I had just one wish, the wish I would give to you is..

21) If I had a ticket to paradise I would take you to..

22) If tomorrow never came, i want you to always remember..

23) Your 5 best qualities..

24) 5 things I hope you see in me..

25) 5 things you can do that impress me..

26) 5 words that best describe you..

27) The 5 things I love most about you..


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