Hallmark candle offer

I popped into my local Hallmark Discount store today and picked up some great candle bargains!

I was tipped off by my future Mother-in-Law that they were selling Christmas scented Yankee Candles at a really cheap price – £6.99 for the large jar (RRP £19.99), £5.75 for the medium jar (RRP £16.99) and £2.99 for the small jar (RRP £8.99). There wasn’t a huge range of scents, but I love the Christmas scented candles and because they were so cheap I thought I’d buy them and put them in my ‘bottom drawer’ for this Christmas.


I bought 1 large and 3 medium jars to use around our house, and I bought 3 small jars which I’m going to put in my Bridesmaid thank you bags. AND, when I got to the tills, the cashier told me about another deal – spend over £10 (which I had) and you receive a free ivory pillar candle for free!!! I’d spent just over £30 so the lady gave me three of them! Which is really handy as they’ll be useful to use on our wedding day to decorate our venue!

Big yays for unexpected bargains!!


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