Blurb – an online photobook creator

For those of you who haven’t yet heard of it, Blurb are a company that makes photobooks.

When Mr M and I first got engaged I bought an Oh So Cherished Journal, which is basically a set of romantic questions which you answer and give to your partner on the morning/night before the wedding. The journal itself is lovely – its made from leather with nice quality pages, space to put your photos in and it comes in a nice presentation box. For anyone who isn’t a perfectionist and worries that they’ll make a spelling mistake or if you are someone with lovely writing, this is perfect for you. I however, have neither of these traits and so I decided to sell the Oh So Cherished Journal and make one via a photobook maker.

groom journal

I must have tried at least 5 different online photo book creators before finding Blurb and its simple and easy to use online tool. It allowed me to edit what I wanted, put photos where I wanted and leave them out from where I didn’t want them. There was also a lot of different templates and sizes and scope to use your own colours. The only bad point I found was the p&p – quite steep at £4.99 I thought!

But anyway. I created a romantic journal through Blurb for Mr M and in total it cost me a little over £20 including p&p. This included 15% off for new customers. And I’ll also save another £1.06 through the cash back I’ll get from Quidco for going through their site.

AND, they’ve sent me another offer which will benefit YOU if you want to make your own… Open this link, and Blurb will give you (and me) £15 off our next order! Woo hoo!!

Photobooks for everyone! Yay!

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