So much for being organised.. bridesmaid dress disaster

Today I went to my Mum’s house to have my younger Sister (and bridesmaid) try on her dress again. She was worried that she’d put on too much weight to fit into her dress because of some medication she’s been put on.

And she had. Through no fault of her own the dress is now too small and won’t do up. And then she started crying because she wanted a long dress rather than a knee length dress like the lovely dresses I bought them because she hates her legs. So my Mum and Sister have begged me to change the dresses.

So despite being made redundant from work two weeks ago I’ve now got to find the money to buy three new dresses. Eeeeesssssshhhhh.

I knew things were too good to be true… updates to follow!

2 thoughts on “So much for being organised.. bridesmaid dress disaster

  1. I’m ever so sorry about your redundancy…I really hope you can find something else soon!

    And I’m crossing my fingers for you about finding new dresses and sending you lots of good luck!

    Rushing around at my end, it’s 9 weeks today :D I’m so busy but so very excited too! :D


    • Hey Megan!

      Thank you! I’m lucky I had two part time jobs so at least I have something to fall back on, but its not ideal really as that was ‘wedding money’.

      I think we’ve found some dresses we all like; well, two of my BMs have got back to me but the third hasn’t.. But I think we’re going with the majority vote! I’ve ordered a couple of swatches to find the right colour and see the quality of the material. Hopefully it can be resolved quite quickly!

      Eeeee! How exciting!!!! Not long at all now! I’d love to see some photos after the big day! See all your hard work come to life! xxxxxxxxxxx

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