Bridesmaid hanger tags, bags & trying to get organised

Today I made some tags for the Bridesmaids’ stuff.

I made a tag for each of the girls’ dresses and also one for the bag I’ve ordered for each of them to put their shoes, shrug, jewellery and accessories in. Each girl has different sized bodies and feet and there’s two different styles of shoes, so I thought it’d be easier on the morning if everything was labeled with the girls’ name so that they know exactly what is theirs and there’s no confusion.

Here’s the tags…


And the Bridesmaids’ bags…

strawberry bagI also ordered myself a bag to keep my things in. Somehow, I have accumulated a lot of accessories over the last 20 odd months! I have three pairs of shoes; one for the ceremony, one for outside photos and one for the evening reception. I have a shrug to wear for the ceremony and a jacket for outside. And then I have my little vanity case that I got last week that’ll store my perfume and jewellery in.

My cute woodland animal bag (which fits perfectly with our theme!)…

woodland bagAnd what with Christmas being 3 days before our wedding, I NEED everything to be organised and I need to know where everything is. I’ll probably sleep at my Mum’s house the night before the wedding and Mr M will stay at our house and so everything I need has to come with me. And the key to not forgetting things is organisation. And the best way to be organised is to bag things up and label!

Rest assure, there’ll be more on organisation soon..!


4 thoughts on “Bridesmaid hanger tags, bags & trying to get organised

  1. Regardless of what has happened since I love your organisation! I am so inspired by you to look for bags for my my organisation once I have things to put in them! Haha

    • Haha thank you! Luckily I think I’ve found some new dresses!!! So hopefully this will be the end of the stress where that’s concerned!! The bags are SO cute! I’d definitely recommend them if you decide to get some! They were from xx

      • Oh thanks! I will look them up. We are still sorting save the dates so one step at a time! :) have you already posted about the new dresses or will we get to see pictures soon? x x x

  2. How are the Save the Dates coming along? Any nearer to a final design? I’m going to post about the new dresses soon.. I accidentally lost my sisters measurements…Ooops! I think I’ll be ordering them in the summer though. I will upload some photos soon though :) xx

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