Yay! Successful shopping trip!

Yesterday Mr M and I went to a town near to where we live and this time, it was pretty successful!

I tried on a couple of wedding rings and found one I LOVED! And it wasn’t the one I thought it’d be! In my head I imagined I’d love the slightly more vintagey looking one seeing as the shape of my diamond in my engagement ring dates back to the 18th Century. But it was actually a more modern and sparkly version that went better! And the diamonds were bigger and sparklier… which is never a bad thing!!

I also bought my wedding day perfume! I seem to have a very sensitive nose and picky tastes when it comes to fragrances as it took me a long time to find one I loved! And the one I loved was one of the last ones I looked at; Burberry Body Tender. I had a £30 gift voucher I’d earned through answering questionnaires, and Debenhams also had a 10% off day on fragrances so I ended up only paying £5.10 for my special perfume! Bargain!! And, I also received an ivory faux leather vanity case for free as part of a promotional offer! Yay! So I’ve decided I’m going to put all my jewellery and my perfume in there to keep them safe until the morning of the wedding.


I also bought a set of pink non-slip hangers which I’ll be using for my Bridesmaids’ dresses. I’m going to make a little personalised tag for each of them to make them extra special.

AND, (we were on a bit of a roll today) when we got home we decided on Groomsmen fashion! We love, love, love tweed suits, but I don’t think we’re going to be able to afford to buy proper tweed suits for the 5 boys in the wedding party. So we’ve decided to stick with the country bumpkin style and go for checked shirts, woolen ties, Converse sneakers and mis-matched suits. Mr M, his Best Man and the Dads will be wearing ties and the three Ushers will have matching bow-ties and braces. I’ve found the perfect ties online, so hopefully we’ll be ordering them this weekend once we’ve spoken to the other Groomsmen.

So. Freaking. Exciting!!!!!!!!!!!

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