Mixed result shopping trip

So yesterday Mr M and I went to Bluewater shopping center hoping to find suits, fur and footwear. But we came home empty handed.

The rustic tweed suits we were after are now ‘old season’ and had been replaced by thin, summer suits. So now we have to wait until the autumn/winter collections come in around September time. I was hoping to have suits done and dusted in the next couple of months but we don’t have any choice but to wait now really!

Faux fur wise, I had no luck there either. The shop I had vouchers for and was hoping to buy my faux fur shrug from wasn’t actually at the shopping center! So I couldn’t buy that either!

Then we popped into some jewellery shops to have a look at wedding rings. I looked at a load of different styles but there was something about each of them I didn’t like. I know I won’t be buying my wedding ring from a shop as Mr M’s Dad will be making them, but I think its important to look at different styles in ‘real life’ so that when I make the final decision it’ll be the right one. After all, its what I’ll have forever!

One good point of the shopping trip was that we were able to try on Converse and see the colours available.  We’re planning on getting Converse for all the groomsmen to wear on our big day and I’ll be getting a pair to wear in the evening. We’re going to have them personalised with their names so they’ll double up as a thank you present.

Hopefully I can persuade Mr M to come shopping with me again this Friday seeing as we’re both off work… here’s hoping!!


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