Fur inspiration

Our wedding is turning into a bit of a faux fur fest – all the wedding party (excluding the men as that might be one step too far), are wearing an item of faux fur.

Okay, faux fur fest might be a bit of an exaggeration, but my three bridesmaids and myself are wearing fur. And I’m wearing it twice!

I’ve taken inspiration from these photos as the whole group look so lovely and wintery and that’s what I want for us. I especially love the last photo as the Bridesmaid dresses are a similar colour to my Bridesmaids’ dresses and so it gives me a really good idea of what they’ll look like.

bms with fur

I also came across these photos from this fab blog called The Ebury Collection. I pretty much love this couple’s entire wedding. But I particularly love the Bride’s outfit! Its kind of similar to what I’m hoping to look like – I love her hair, hair piece, shrug and dress – basically everything! 

bride with fur

I’m planning on wearing a simple fur shrug inside during the ceremony and then changing into a bigger ivory fur jacket for the outside photos. The mix of the satin on my dress and the fur should look really pretty if the above photos are anything to go by!

Eeeee! I love wedding outfit breakthroughs!!

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