Tomorrow we are off to Bluewater shopping centre..

Tomorrow Mr M and I are heading over the ‘big bridge’ to Bluewater shopping centre to look at suits, footwear and fur!

Bluewater has a large variety of different shops, and each department is bigger than in other high street shops, so we’re hoping we’ll be able to find what we’re looking for! Not only are we looking for suits for the groomsmen, but footwear too – and Converse in particular. We won’t be buying anything tomorrow though; its more of an exploritary day to see if what we want is actually available.

I’m also going to be looking to buy a faux fur shrug of some kind to wear as part of my wedding outfit. I know I need something over my arms, but I’m really not sure what that something is. Originally I was thinking of a lace bolero, but I’m not 100% sure on whether that will actually go with my dress seeing as its a completely different material. So I’m thinking that maybe fur is the way to go instead – I know for sure that it’ll fit in with a winter wedding after all! I’ve got some vouchers too so I’m hoping I can find what I need in Debenhams…

I love wedding shopping trips!!

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