My earring decisions..

I’ve just started thinking about what jewellery I’ll be wearing on the big day. And its not an easy job to decide.

I was thinking about having a more formal set for the day and then changing to a more glitzy set for the evening, but I know in reality I’ll either forget or I’ll be too caught up in the swing of things and it’ll end up being a waste of money. So I’m on the hunt for something that will fit both.

Because I’m thinking of adding some kind of lace cover up to my dress, I don’t think I’ll need a necklace, and I’ve already decided to wear the bracelet my late Nan gave my Mum for her birthday that has now been passed onto me. So really I’m looking for a pair of earrings and something to wear in my hair.

I want drop earrings, but not heavy ones as personally I think ‘pulled earlobes’ look ugly.  I’m not sure if I want clear diamante ones, or coloured stones to be similar to the bridesmaid dresses. I love the ruby ones, but I’m not sure if they’re too jazzy for the day!


My other choices are something more traditional…


They’re all just SO pretty!!!!!!!! How can I choose?!?!

And not only have I got to decide on earrings, but I’ve also got to hunt out something to wear in my hair….


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