Pretty stamps!

When I shared my DIY invitation envelopes a couple of weeks back, I mentioned that I wanted pretty stamps, in particular, wildlife themed stamps.

And I’ve found some! In a pretty unexpected place…at work!

I noticed yesterday that a volunteer at our charity had brought in a few packs of stamps from their stamp collection and had donated them to us to make a few extra pennies! So I went through all the packs and picked out all the wildlife stamps I could find! Admittedly there weren’t loads of stamps as they were mainly world leaders and old stamps from foreign countries, but there were about 10 that had either animals or plants on so I bought them!

And here they are!


I’m not sure the select few of our close friends and immediate family who we’ll be hand delivering the invitations to will appreciate the stamps as much as I do, but they finish off the envelopes beautifully! If I could hand deliver every invitation personally and find enough pretty stamps to be able to do so, I would! But other than our immediate family and local friends, the rest of our guests will be sent their invitations with normal stamps through the postal system!

Love them!

P.S. check out the bird stamp from Singapore! It was sent on 28th March 1967!!! Love a bit of history, me!!!

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