My shopping trip to The Range and IKEA

Yesterday Mr M and I took my Mum to The Range and IKEA to look for some wedding bits. Shockingly, my Mum has never been to either before!!

In The Range we picked up a couple of cute wooden tea-light holders and a set of six owl shaped tea-lights which we’ll use on the top table. The owls will fit in perfectly with our theme, and the wooden candle holders are just cute!!! Though I’m not sure if the owls are too cute to actually light..!!

candles and holders

In IKEA we bought some small pillar candles to use in the big candle holders (the ones we’ll be using on both the table for signing the register after the ceremony and on the ends of the top table during the wedding breakfast). They were an amazing £1.95 for 4 and they should burn for quite a while! We also bought the jars for dessert table – they were only £1 each for really good sized jars that will fit lots of goodies in!

candles and jars

Sadly, I think I’ve pretty much bought all the decoration pieces I need for the wedding now (apart from a couple more bunches of artificial flowers). I’ve got boxes everywhere filled with pretty wedding things and I think I’ve got everything I need (the question of whether I have everything I want will always be no..).

Soon I’m going to start getting everything out of the boxes and making mock set-ups of the way I’d like things to be displayed. That way I can take photos and have them to hand for when my Chief Bridesmaid and I set things up the day before the wedding. It’ll also be useful to see if there is anything I’ve forgotten.

And to be honest, it’ll be nice to just have a look at all the pretty things I’ve bought again..!!

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