The DJ is booked!

When Mr M and I first got engaged and we started making a list of all the things that needed to be booked and organised, the one area Mr M wanted to organise was the music.

He’s not into all the fluff that makes a wedding pretty, but he does like his music and so I left that to him. All he had to do was research DJs and compile some kind of list of the songs he, I and our friends and family like to give the chosen DJ some kind of idea about what to play.

6 months passed. He hasn’t found a DJ. 1 year passed and he hadn’t found a DJ. 18 months passed (and by this time I’m starting to panic that everyone good would be booked and we’d be left with an old cheeses grandad) and he still hasn’t found a DJ.

But, after the grand timespan of 20 months since getting engaged, Mr M found, liked and actually booked a DJ!! Hoo-freaking-ray!!!!

And he seems to be a good’un too! He’ll be there all day to play music during the drinks reception after the ceremony, through the wedding breakfast (where he’ll also provide a microphone for the speeches) and right till the end of the evening reception! He’ll also be throwing out glowsticks, inflatable guitars, glow in the dark bunny ears and lots of other bits! AND we got a discount of £100 because he was recommended to us through our Best Man’s sister!

So now all he has to do is compile a music list…I hope it doesn’t take him the same amount of time or it’ll be just about ready for our first anniversary….!!

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