My DIY envelopes and stamps: part one

When I popped to my local Tesco at last weekend I spotted some brown/kraft style envelopes for a teeny 85p (for 25) and I snapped a few packs up as I knew they’d go perfectly with our invitations.

But obviously I don’t want ugly plain brown envelopes as part of our wedding stationery, so I decided this weekend that I’d have a go at printing our guests’ addresses onto them. I downloaded a few different fonts onto my computer, which in itself took a good half an hour to work out as the instructions the help section gave me still wouldn’t work. 7 different fonts later and I finally found a font that suited our theme and that I liked ALL the letters of.

I’m after something a bit similar to this…

I then attempted to use the Microsoft Word envelope printing tool which turned out to be another pain in the bum! There was a size restriction of how big you could make the area of text on the envelope, so my dreams of  creating a big, pretty, swirly piece of text was blown out of the water. It took me a good two hours to realise this though, and in the end I just scrapped the envelope printing tool and created my own document; much simpler and I can print whatever I like onto my envelopes now! Yay!

I then went on the hunt for stamps – pretty stamps. But unless you want to pay £10 for 10 stamps from Royal Mail, they’re non-existent in this country now! Bring back the arty old stamps with pictures of animals on, I say!

So while I’m having to sacrifice the overall stationery look with plain stamps, the invitations we’ll be hand delivering to immediate family, will have pretty stamps on them. They won’t be stamps that’d actually be accepted in the postal system, but they finish the look of them off nicely.

Here’s just a few of my favourite stamps….


And a screen-grab of my envelope designing progress…

rabbit envelope

The font is called KG Eyes Wide Open and I downloaded it from

If you want the template for the envelope let me know and I can send it to you – though it’s pretty easy to create your own!

4 thoughts on “My DIY envelopes and stamps: part one

  1. you’re blog is amazing, we’ve just started planning our rustic wedding in a barn in gloucestershire so everything i’m seeing that you’re doing is amazing. I’d appreciate it if you could send the envelope template as like you I would like to make my own – i’ve downloaded a few fonts (again like you took a while) but am ready to get creative (neil buchannan I am not!) keep you the good work and no doubt I will be in touch soon!

    • Hi Annabelle,

      Thank you!! Its lovely to hear that you like my plans! Your plans sound great too – probably because they’re similar to mine haha. I’d be more than happy to send the envelope template over to you! What size is your envelope and I can send it straight away! I promise you its 100% easier than trying to use the envelope tool on Word!


      • Hi Lauren, thank you so much for replying – sorry ive not been in touch – we’ve been booking the venue, looking at catering etc so i’ve been in a mad flap (as im sure you can imagine). But the venue is booked – hurrah, 5th October 2014 – so excited!

        so the envelopes we’ve got for the save the dates are 5″x7″ – i’m going to attempt to make my own luggage labels from brown card and send these.

        The envelope template you have – can i change it to any size envelope as when we get round to the actual invite they may be more square rather than rectangle.

        You’ve obviously been planning for wedding for a while – how far in advance to your weding in december did you send the save the dates?

        keep up with the blog – its amazing – you’re doing such a good job!!! How did Mr.M come in the most romatic proposal award – I voted so hopefully he won!


      • Wow, that’s brilliant news!! Booking the venue leads the way for everything else! It’ll all be about the pretty stuff from now on!

        The envelope template can be made to fit whatever size you like! I’ll send it over to you tomorrow morning with instructions on how to alter it! Bare in mind that the font I’ve used may not transfer over to you with the template if you don’t already have it installed on your computer so it may not look as pretty when you first open the file! But you’ll be able to edit the font to whichever ones you like!

        We’ve been planning for what seems like forever! We got engaged in July 2011, booked the venue in December 2011 and sent our Save the Date magnets out in March 2012. So quite early! But because our wedding is between Christmas and New Year and a lot of people are all over the country visiting family during this time, we wanted to make sure everyone had it in their diaries! We’ll be sending out our proper invites at the start of August with an October RSVP date.

        Thank you so much for voting! The competition ends at lunchtime on 1st May so there’s a couple of days left, and I think he’s just slipped into first place! So I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed!! xxx

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