My DIY cathedral length veil

I have just finished making my very own DIY cathedral length veil!

It’s not perfect or wedding dress shop quality, so I don’t think I can change careers just yet, but it looks great to me! And what’s even better, is that it cost me a whole £4.04 to make!!!! Obviously I haven’t tried it on with my dress yet so it may need some changes to the length, but when I put it in my hair to try it out, it looked really good!!

I bought the ivory tulle and metal hair comb both from eBay and just used some plain white thread from my sewing box to put it together.

I didn’t completely wing it though, I used this tutorial and also this one to put it all together. If I have one tip I have share with you, it’d be: FOLLOW THE TUTORIAL. I read the tutorials and then thought I knew best and started sewing away and ignored one pretty important part, which then made it a bit more of a long winded process than it probably could have been.

But the important thing is that it is pretty, wearable and personal – three things I like to think are integral factors when deciding on your wedding day outfit.

It’s surprisingly hard to try and take a photo of something on the back of your head, and so the photos I’m sharing are frankly, rubbish. But its proof that I did make it and it doesn’t look totally crap…

DIY veil

You’ve also got to remember that the imperfections will be hidden on the day. Yes, the sewing where I’ve joined the tulle and the comb together looks terrible, but it’ll be attached to the back of my head amongst my hair so no one will see it. And if you’ve cut it a little bit wonky when you round it off at the bottom, no one will notice as it’ll blend into your dress which’ll theoretically be a similar shade.

And if you really mess up and it looks awful? You’ve only spend £4.04 on it.

Hooray for bargain DIY veils!!! Bring on the next project!!


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