My hairstyle ideas

About a month ago I started looking at different hairstyles and I quickly realised I don’t have long enough hair to carry the majority of them off. Especially the ones I really like and think would suit me.

I don’t want anything to formal; something quite messy and relaxed would suit me. The dress and veil is all the formal I want in my wedding outfit and I think it needs to be balanced out by something that represents me and my age. After all, I’m probably in the lower third of the typical age people get married these days, and I don’t want to look like I’m trying to be someone I’m not.

So this is the length of my hair now.


It comes to about the top of my shoulders, and a little lower if I straighten it. I am trying to grow it – but from past experiences, I know that this is pretty much the length my hair stops growing at.

So I need something to put in my hair to make it look like I have more hair than I really do… something fake.

I searched eBay and came across some synthetic hair pieces from China that were just a couple of pounds each (including p&p! yay!), so I bought them! And 3 weeks later, the first arrived today!

Its not wedding day quality – it looks synthetic and feels synthetic, but its useful to have it so I can try a couple of different styles out. That way, when I decide what it is I like, I can buy a higher quality one from somewhere reputable and I won’t have wasted lots of money.

Here’s just a couple of photos from me playing around with it after work…

Hair idea collage

The colour isn’t actually a very good match to my hair despite it looking like it blends in well in the photos. Its actually a fair bit darker than my hair colour. That’s not really a problem though as its only a ‘tester’ really.

You might also be able to just see a veil in the photos – I haven’t actually made my cathedral length veil yet; I just shoved the material under the hairpiece to get an idea of what the whole thing would look like. And it doesn’t look too bad I don’t think!!

So yes, ‘Project DIY Veil’ begins tomorrow!!! Eeek!!!


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