A few snaps from yesterday’s wedding…

So yesterday we went to one of Mr M’s friend’s weddings.

It was in a lovely barn in the outskirts of a little village near to where we lived when we were still at home with our parents. The barn had been decorated beautifully – it didn’t need much; just some ivy and fairy lights but it looked lovely! Their colour scheme was Cadbury purple, and they tied it into their chair sashes, favours and obviously the Bridesmaid’s dress.

Going to their wedding made me even more excited for our own; we now only have two more weddings to attend this year and then it’ll be our turn!! Eeeeek!!!! It was also handy to develop the ideas we have for our own wedding -there were some things they did they we liked, and other things that we didn’t.

I didn’t get lots of photos, but I thought I’d share a couple of the ones I took. See if you can guess which were taken before and after a few Southern Comfort and lemonades….!!!

Wedding pics

wedding pics 2

And one last one to finish off…


…Mr M and I! Aww!!


2 thoughts on “A few snaps from yesterday’s wedding…

  1. Ooooh I know exactly what you mean – Other weddings are a GREAT opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t before your big day! We went to a wedding at the end of the last year and came away with so many ideas on what we;’d seen, and things we didn’t like – chair covers for example, they looked great but they were a little unpractical – people kept tipping their chairs over by standing on the covers at the feet section and causing the chairs to fall over, and accidentally pulling at the sashes with getting up and down, so in the end the bows came undone and it looked a bit scrufffy! They had sweetie tables there which we liked and a ‘wishing tree’ which was quite nice too :)

    By the way – I LOVE the picture of you and Mr M!

    Hope things are good with your new house too!


  2. I was scrutinising EVERYTHING – its all research after all! The chair covers were a bit of a pain for me too – I kept getting them caught underneath the cover and it pulled my shoe off! And when I kicked my shoes off later in the evening they got stuck underneath and I thought I’d lost them haha. They did look lovely though – not for our wedding though!

    They had a wish tree at this wedding too which looked pretty, but I don’t know how they’re planning to use the bits of paper they gave us to write on as they weren’t very strong..

    Thank you :) Its one of my most favourite photos of us that we’ve ever taken. Definitely going to get it printed out.

    The new house is great thank you – really settled in well! The garden still needs tackling, but we can’t do that until it starts to dry up a bit!! xxxxxxxxxx

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