Off to a wedding tomorrow…

Tomorrow is the first wedding of the year that Mr M and I will be attending.

It’s the wedding of Mr M’s friend from school who waited 10 years before proposing to his girlfriend(!) and the only one out of the many engaged couples we know having a winter wedding. It’ll be interesting to see how they decorate their venue, particularly as they are having purple as their main colour too (though a different shade to ours).

I’ve got their card ready to be written this evening and I bought them a cute little wood and ceramic decoration which is inscribed with ‘congratulations on your wedding day’. It’s the kind of thing I’d like to receive on our wedding day!

I’ll update on Sunday (perhaps with a few sneaky photos)….


2 thoughts on “Off to a wedding tomorrow…

  1. I’d love to see some pics! I’m planning a September wedding, but have only been to 2 weddings so am relying on Pinterest and wedding blogs for inspiration.

    I feel for the bride, having waited 9 years myself (plus 3 children) for my OH to propose, my wedding feels like it’s had a massive build up – with me, my mum, my nan and my sisters having waited for this for at least 8 of those years!!

    • I’m definitely planning on taking some photos – I love seeing photos of weddings! I’m addicted to Pinterest!

      I can’t imagine waiting that long! But we’ll have been engaged for almost 2 and a half years by the time we get married so it feels like a massive wait for us too!

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