We’ve just Given Notice!!

Eeeeeeek!! We’ve just Given Notice of Marriage at our local registry office! Its now OFFICIAL – we’re getting married in 311 days!!

I am SO excited now! Knowing that its all down on legal documents means so much more than just being ‘penciled in’ for the date in their diary. The process was really easy too – I know it differs from council to council as some areas require different things and ask more questions, but we had it quite easy.

Mr M and I were both invited into the registrar’s office together to hand over our ID documents (a passport and a driving license in my case). Then I had to leave the room while the registrar asked him some questions. After he’d finished, I went into the room and the registrar asked me the same questions.

She asked me to confirm my name, my date of birth and my address. She then asked me the full name of Mr M, his date of birth and his address. Then she asked if either of us had been married before (in this or any other country). She also asked for my father’s full name and his occupation. I then had to sign a form to say that I wanted to go ahead with giving notice for marriage, that I wasn’t being dishonest or making false statements. And that was it!

It was really easy! I have to admit, I was quite nervous beforehand, worrying that either Mr M or I (or both of us) would get a question wrong and they’d reject us. But it was really simple and the lady who was ‘interviewing us’ was really lovely.

At the end when we both came back into the room she even told us some horror stories about some of the weddings she’s performed the ceremonies at which was really funny.

She also gave us a booklet which contains all the information you need to know about the ceremony. It includes the choices of the wording for the formal parts, a timeline of which order things run in, and how you can personalise your ceremony.


Once we’d finished at the registry office we went to Frankie and Benny’s for brunch to celebrate!



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