Wedding day weather

Its well known you’re not really guaranteed a particular type of weather in this country anymore, which is partly why we shunned a summer wedding in favour of a winter wedding. At least we know the weather will be cold/rainy/snowy/all of the above.

But, when introduced to this genius website by another Bride, I actually found it really helpful. The Weather Channel has recorded the weather across the UK for years and has inputted it into a database for the whole world to see. But not only does it give you temperatures, it also gives you handy things like the number of daylight hours on each day of the month and the times of the sunrises and sunsets. Which is particularly handy for winter Brides as it helps you to decide on what time to have your ceremony and gets you thinking about the amount of time you have for outside photos.

So. According to last year’s records, the sunset at 3:56pm on the 28th December, which gives me just under an hour and a half for outside photos before everything goes dark. To be honest, that pretty much what we’d planned anyway – we were going to come inside at 4pm ready for food to be served at 4:30pm.

It’s a handy piece of kit…


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