Big DIY project – the reveal!

So a little while back I posted saying that I was planning to undertake a fairly sizable DIY project and something that was completely out of my comfort zone.

I have now got all the bits and pieces I need to start this project so I thought I’d give an early reveal.

I am going to make my very own veil. And a cathedral length veil at that!

When Mr M and I first got engaged and I started looking for dresses and my general wedding outfit, I really didn’t think a veil would be part of it. At the first wedding I went to with Mr M, one of his friend’s, the Bride looked absolutely stunning. Picture perfect. And she didn’t wear a veil. The second wedding I went to with Mr M featured not one, but two Brides, and neither of them wore a veil. But the third and most recent wedding I have been to with Mr M, the Bride was wearing a veil and it looked fab.



Then I went to try dresses on in the bid to find a new skirt for Dress No.1, found THE dress and wore a veil while in the shop. Admittedly, I hated the veil. It was plonked on the top of my head and I felt silly. BUT, its not the thought of wearing a veil that showers me with dread.. it was THAT veil.

My hair wasn’t how I’d have it on our wedding day, my face certainly wasn’t how I’d have it on our wedding day, and the placement of the veil definitely wasn’t where I’d have it on our wedding day. But the dress just calls for a veil.

So from being a non-veil Bride, I’ve done a complete 360 and have been trying to hunt down the biggest veil I could find.

But then there’s the ‘B’ word – budget.

After speaking to many Brides about veils and the cost of them, I realised I couldn’t afford to spend £250 on something I only really wanted to wear for the ceremony. I  tried Preloved and Gumtree, and even the price for a second hand veil was exceeding £100.  I even considered eBay, but the low prices and sketchy photos made me think otherwise.

And then a lovely lady who married last year uttered these words “why don’t you make your own? I did and it was my favourite part of my outfit”.

And BAM. The decision was made.

I am going to make my veil.


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