Wedding biscuit project

Once our wedding ceremony has finished, there’ll be about an hour and a half before food will be served. During this time, we’ll be having photos taken inside and in the grounds of the venue and our guests will get a complimentary cocktail to pass the time.

Our ceremony will finish about 2:30pm and I know by this time people will be a little bit peckish. So I’ve decided to make some little biscuits for them! When we first got engaged I was given a big bunch of cellophane bags that are used to put biscuits and sweets in in confectionary shops for free, so I though I’d make use of them and put my biscuits in! Once people have come inside from the confetti throwing, guests will be given one of the little biscuit bags and directed to the bar for their cocktail by our Bridesmaids and Ushers.

Now I will not pretend that I’m a great cook or baker. In fact, most of the stuff I put in the oven comes out with a black crust where I’ve got the temperate wrong, or is soggy because I’ve got the measurements wrong. So I’m definitely going to do a few trial runs to make sure I know the recipe and decide what flavour biscuits should be baked!

And today was ‘Project Biscuit – Trial Run No.1’. I baked two different flavours; lime and poppyseed (I forgot to buy lemon so lime was trialled instead) and nutmeg. I chose these flavours because they were the only things we had in the cupboard, not for any real professional or considered reason!

They aren’t very pretty, but here they are!


The biscuits on the left are the nutmeg ones, and the dotty ones on the right are the lime and poppyseed! When I bake them properly for our wedding, I’ll use cookie cutters to make them all uniform and neat. At the moment I’m deliberating between a wedding dress cookie cutter, or heart shaped cookie cutters.

Verdict – I liked the texture of the biscuits; they were hard on the outside and slightly soft inside, but the flavours weren’t strong enough. Next time I think I’ll make an almond and vanilla version, and perhaps try out a chocolate version.

Mr M is just happy he has lots of biscuits to eat!

P.S. This isn’t the big DIY project I referred to in yesterday’s post!

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