A little bit of luck came in!

I’ve joined a few different survey sites since we got engaged in a bid to raise a little extra cash for weddingy treats. And my current favourite is Maximiles; probably because they’ve just paid out!

Maximiles works on a points basis; the surveys you complete generate point and you can buy things with the points. There’s loads of things to choose from when you come to spend your points, from electrical goods, wine, toiletries, activity days and vouchers.

I don’t remember doing that many surveys in all honesty, but I’d collected enough points to redeem it against quite a nice prize; I chose to have £30 of Debenhams vouchers as I know I’ll definitely spend them.

Now I have this little extra bit of money, I’ve decided to buy myself some wedding day perfume. And because I have another voucher left over from Christmas for a big local shopping centre (where you can spend it in whatever shop you like), I can put them together and buy myself some wedding day earrings too! And I might have a little left over for something else nice depending on which perfume I decide to buy!

I love it when you get a nice little surprise – particularly of the monetary kind!!

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