My new skincare regime

I’ve done it. I’ve succumbed to the need to get wedding day pretty and have just started (by this I mean, today/this evening/twenty minutes ago) a new skincare routine.

It’s nothing fancy; I just had a VERY lazy approach to looking after my face. Don’t get me wrong, I ALWAYS take my makeup off at night, even if its just a fierce rub with a baby wipe. But some times, I use a face wipe to take my mascara off, give it a quick wash with a facial wash, blow my nose (sorry for TMI) and there’ll STILL be traces of makeup on the tissue. Do I do anything about this? Of course not! I just think to myself, ‘oh that’s annoying, I’ll wash harder next time’ and I never do.

So. I’m going to start being grown up and look after my face.

I raided (not literally) my local Boots store today, and picked up a couple of different facial washes and a variety of face creams.

My plan is, that on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday and Sunday evenings I’ll use my new cream wash. It’s mild enough for every day use, but tough enough to remove makeup. On the remaining evenings, I’ll use an exfoliating wash to give it a deep scrub (apparently you shouldn’t use it too often as it can be harsh on your skin and cause problems). Then once a month I plan to use a face mask.

Every morning I will splash my face with water; alternating between warm and cold (2 of each) and apply a moisturising face cream. In the evening after using the facial wash, I’ll apply the rich night cream.

And that’s it. Nothing fancy, nothing particularly expensive, but definitely good for my skin. And hopefully it’ll bring me one step nearer to having wedding day pretty skin! Yay!

Oh, and I’ll drink more water. That’s also something I’m pretty terrible with.

Wish me luck….

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