Back from a hen-do..

Yesterday afternoon I got home from one of Mr M’s friend’s fiancees hen-do’s.

We went to Centreparcs for the weekend. I wasn’t actually very well over the weekend so I didn’t participate in all the crazy drinking like the rest of the girls, but despite feeling rubbish I still had a really good time!

It did however make me realise that what I’d arranged with my Chief Bridesmaid for my own do was EXACTLY what I wanted. I don’t want to go away somewhere else; I missed not seeing Mr M and my three puppies. I just want to have my night out and have my spa day and then come home; I think I’m a bit of a home bird after all!!!


What I did think was a really nice touch is that the girls organising the hen do had made little goody bags for each of us girls attending. The bags included a lip balm, face moisturiser, a face mask pack, hen party sash, a personalised wine glass and charm, a couple of sweets and a Red Bull. That’s definitely something I’d like to do for those attending my hen do if we can work it into the night.

Now time to relax before I go back to work…

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