Wedding ring dilemna

After finding almost the perfect ring in a local jewellers, I’ve had to start thinking about having my ring made by my Father-in-law this summer.

But I am so confused as to which metal I want!

My engagement ring is white gold, but I can’t decide whether I want white gold also for my wedding ring, or go for something a bit different and have rose gold. Or have a mixture of the two.

The ring I saw in the shop was actually half white and half yellow gold. The band itself was yellow gold and the bit where the diamonds sit was white gold. So when you look at it from the top you wouldn’t really notice the colour difference.

So should I go for a 75% rose and 25% white gold band? Or just stick to what matches my engagement ring, or go all out and have rose gold?!

My engagement ring with ‘my’ wedding ring – half yellow gold and half white gold..


All white gold..


All rose gold..


As I mentioned above, my Father-in-law will be making it for me, so whatever I ask for I can have pretty much, so I could request a very light rose gold, so that its nearer to the white gold colour. But then would there be any point in this?!

Ohhhh! Its soooooooooo confusing!!!


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