Our cake plans

Although Mr M and I love cake, its not an area we want to spend loads of money on. One of my sister’s friends is a brilliant baker, and she’s offered to make our cake for us.

Which means, we’ve had to start having a look at the different designs and flavours available. Oh the hard life!!

Originally we were looking at having something like this…


Its the minimum size we’d need to cater for our guests (3 tiers), but we decided although its gorgeous, its a bit too formal, pretty and summery for the style of wedding we’re having.

So, this is the style of cake we’re thinking of having instead!


Its a beautifully messy but pretty design, with a swirly buttercream icing – PERFECT!! However, instead of having a traditional tiered cake, we’ve decided to have four separate cakes, with four different flavours. Something a bit like this…


I think it fits in really nicely with our relaxed woodland theme. I also love the idea of using the logs as cake stands – this fits perfectly with our theme, and because I can get these from work, it’ll be a lot cheaper than buying or hiring a traditional cake stand!

Now just to decide on the flavours….


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