My wedding shoes

It took me a LONG time to work out what kind of shoe I wanted to wear on our wedding day, and finally I found them. Yes, that is plural (oops)!

I know its a bit naughty to have more than one pair of shoes, BUT, each pair were a bargain and therefore I can justify being a little bit extravagant. I think it’s REALLY important to have comfy footwear on your big day – you’re going to be on your feet for HOURS! For most Brides, the amount of time you’ll be walking about, dancing, posing for photos, not to mention the nerve wracking half an hour or so when you’re standing in front of the registrar or vicar saying your vows and concentrating on not losing balance, will add up to over 10 hours. Which is a pretty damn long time!!

Plus, I can justify having three pairs of shoes because each of the pairs I’ve chosen are not traditional bridal shoes. This means I’ll wear them again after our wedding day! It’s all about cost per wear when it comes to splashing out a bit!!

So anyway, here are my beauties!

Ceremony shoes: Bought with the John Lewis vouchers I earned answering questionnaires online.


They’re really comfy as they’re padded inside, so they will be great to wear for hours on end!! I have also got some shoe clips to attach to the toe to make them look a bit more bridal!

Outdoor photo shoes: Bought in the Debenhams 15% off sale, with an extra 15% off through Quidco the cash-back website.


Although they look completely impractical, they’re actually really comfy, sturdy and easy to walk in. Plus, the fact that it has quite a bit platform, means that my dress won’t be dragging on the possibly snowy ground when were outside having our photos taken!

I will also be having a flat pair of shoes to wear in the evening; a customised pair of Converse. This shoes will last me FOREVER as they’re so practical and you can wear them every single day. I haven’t ordered these yet though so I’ll upload a photo once I’ve received them!


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