I’ve just found out that my family have been a little bit fab and booked a videographer to film our ENTIRE wedding day!

How freaking cool is that?!

Its something Mr M and I had looked at (we got a few DVD  samples through the post and watched them), but we pretty much immediately dismissed the idea for two reasons. Firstly, the ones we watched were frankly, sickeningly cheesy and we felt uncomfortable watching it and secondly, all the ones we did like were £1000 upwards – WAY out of our budget!

But the guy my family have booked is a professional my sister met through her job as a theatre technician and does a lot of filming abroad. He’s now moved back home and is diversifying into filming weddings. His style is exactly what we would have wanted if we had have chosen him ourselves – cinematic, not cheesy and modern with a strangely traditional twist.

Massive big yays!!!!


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