What a day!!

So earlier I posted that today is a year until we get married (have I mentioned that before?!?!). We planned to do lots of romantic things, but we ended up going on a bit of a wedding road-trip!

We’ve been looking for wooden charger plates to use on the tables during the wedding breakfast for AGES now. A couple of months back we spotted some in The Range, but at £3 per plate we wanted to do some more research and see if we could find them elsewhere cheaper. But we couldn’t. So we weighed up the pros and cons and decided that if we did buy them, we’d sell them on afterwards to try and recoup some of the money. After all, we wouldn’t have much use for 90 charger plates once the wedding is finished over!

So today we popped over to our local store, to see how many we could pick up there. And they had 27. Which was a start. AND they’d been reduced in price!! But we needed 85-90 of them.  And they were now a discontinued line so we couldn’t order any more in. Bummer. So we asked a member of staff to ring round all the stores in the county to see if anywhere else had them. The lady was actually amazing and spent about 3/4 hour phoning round for us – so much so that I left a glowing review on The Range Facebook page!

wood charger plates

Anyway, to cut a long story short, we ended up driving to another 3 stores to get the number of plates we needed! The idea of a quick, one hour trip ended up being a long 5 hour trip!! But we have our charger plates!!!! Wooooo!!

My plan is to ‘brand’ the plates on the top table with a kind of wedding logo, so that those sitting at the top table (i.e. us, the parents, chief Bridesmaid and Best Man) can each take a commemorative plate home with them. Or if they don’t want them, I’m sure our grandparents would like one! All the rest I’ll leave plain so that I can sell them on afterwards!


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