Post-Christmas Sales!

This morning Mr M and I drove across town to get involved with the sales!

We got up early, and drove over to my favourite craft shop first; Hobbycraft. I was a bit disappointed as there wasn’t as much in the sale section as I remember there being in previous years. But I still managed to pick up some bits that I’d been wanting to buy for a while but had held off from buying, because I was hoping they’d go into the sale! I bought 7 small wicker hearts that’ll decorate our wedding arch, 2 small slate hearts, a big wicker wooden heart (that actually looks like a pretzel – yum!) and a pack of chalks to write on our ‘wedding countdown’ slate that my sister bought us for Christmas. All for £9 something!

We then went to my favourite garden centre, where I’d bought a load of nature inspired decorations before Christmas. And although I paid full price for them, I’m glad I didn’t wait for them to go into the sale, because when we got there, there were none of them left! But I also picked up some pretty natural garlands made from pinecones, faux-berries and acorns, and a decoration made from bark in the shape of leaves. All at 50% off, and coming to a total of £11! So for the £20 I spent this morning across the two shops, I’d bought loads of fab things!!

In the end, although the sales were a bit disappointing in some respects, I’m glad I bought what I did as I know exactly what I’ll use each item for! So every penny spend is justifiable!

YAY for bargains!!!!


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