Happy Christmas Everyone!!!

I’d just like to say a big HAPPY CHRISTMAS to each and everyone of you!

I hope you all have a lovely day (and get lots of lovely presents)!!

This will be my last ‘calm’ Christmas for a couple of years – next year I’ll be three days away from marrying the lovely Mr M!!! Eeeeekkk!!!

I’ll be back online after the festivities have died down; hopefully finding some fab deals in the post-Christmas sales! But right now, I’m off to scoff some yummy all-butter shortbread biscuits, and play with my three very excited puppies!




2 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Everyone!!!

  1. Hope you and Mr M have had a wonderful Christmas! And I’m so excited for you that you are neeearly at your 1 year to go mark (1 year Tomorrow!!! :D)

    Your puppies are beauuutiful! :) lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Aww you remembered!! :) Tomorrow is the day!!!!

      We had a lovely Christmas thank you – I hope you did too!

      Tomorrow is the beginning of major wedding planning – I’ll try and write a post either tomorrow evening or Saturday with what we’ve been up to :) xxxxxxx

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