Countdown to Christmas…and the big day!

What with Christmas looming, the wedding has kind of taken a back seat over the last week or so, and will probably continue to until after the New Year. Then it will be all stations GO, GO, GO!!

I’ve just been too busy sorting out presents, organising when family are visiting, decorating the house and running round after three crazy little puppies to do much wedding planning.
I also haven’t been able to do much because Mr M has put my Christmas present in what I like to call my wedding/craft room (i.e. one of the spare bedrooms) and apparently I’m not allowed in there until the big day (Christmas, not our wedding!!)


However what is exciting, is the countdown to the big day… Now Christmas is just around the corner, it means that our ‘one year until’ date is not far away too!

For those of you who have followed the trials and tribulations of our wedding, you may remember that our original wedding day was booked for THIS December – now we’re only a couple of weeks away, the thought that we’d be getting married this year seems quite scary! Not because we’re not ready for it mentally, but for me, I know I have a lot more organising to do and realise how hard that would have been whilst buying a house (plus all the mess that comes with that) and having three puppies (and all the mess that comes with that) to look after!

Don’t tell her this, but my Mum might have done us a favour by kicking up a stink and asking us to postpone for a year…. But…Shhhhh!!


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