OMG… I put a deposit down on THE dress!!

A month or so ago I popped into my local dress shop with the hope of finding a new skirt for the dress I bought when Mr M and I first got engaged. Instead of doing that, I fell for a completely different style dress.

And today I put down a deposit on it!

Considering I’m a Bride on a budget, this dress is a fair chunk of our overall budget. BUT, I got myself a discount! A 25% discount! I got this discount because I bought the shop’s sample. Yes it’s most probably been tried on by other ladies before, but its in immaculate condition (other than needing a quick dry clean) and if that saves me some money then I’m all for it!

Now I’ve just got to find shoes and accessories and ways to prettyfy my face and hair!

SUPER exciting!!!!!


2 thoughts on “OMG… I put a deposit down on THE dress!!

  1. Ohmygosh!!!!! SO SO excited for you!!! :D I’m literally doing a happy dance on my seat hahaha! This has made my day!

    You got yourself a fab bargain with 25% off! I bet the dress is beautiful! What is it like? :) <3

    Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Thank you!!! I’m super excited too! Once you have the dress its all official! No going back now as I’ve told Mr M! Haha. :)

      It’s completely different to what I thought I’d want (don’t want to post a picture yet incase Mr M sees!), but its beautiful! It’s made from ‘Angel Satin’ (the name of the material itself sounds good) and it has got the most humongous train ever with lots of bead work down it! So its really pretty!

      Hope everything is going well for your plans! xxxxxxxxxx

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