They fit! They fit! They fit! Woooooooo!!!

The shoes I stumbled across when looking for a different pair during my shopping trip on Friday fit ALL of my Bridesmaids! And they ALL like them!

Thats nothing short of a miracle!

These are the miracle shoes… My sister is having this style and my Chief Bridesmaid and Mr M’s sister are having a strappy version!

 They are exactly the same shade as the dresses, and whats even better, is that they were only £23 each! Well under the budget I’d set aside too! Amazing!

I’ll upload photos of the whole outfit soon…

2 thoughts on “OMG BRIDESMAID SHOES 3.0 FIT!!!

  1. They are GORGEOUS!!! The colour is beautiful, it will go perfect with your winter wedding! So pleased you finally got ones that were a hit with everybody! xxx

  2. Thanks Megan :) I’m so glad the hunt for them is finally over! Having three Bridesmaids that all want different things is a pain! haha. I really wanted them to have matching shoes if possible, and the colour is almost exactly the same as the dresses so its worked out perfectly! Can’t believe it! xxx

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