Fingers crossed for Bridesmaid shoes 3.0!

On Friday I popped into town to take Bridesmaid shoes 2.0 back, and to look at some other shoes I’d seen online.

The shoes I’d seen online were nice, but one of my Bridesmaids revealed she planned to wear black tights to make her legs look slimmer, which meant the gold shoes I was hoping to buy were a no go – they’d look very odd against black tights! They did have the same shoe in black glitter, but they were too harsh, and there’s nothing else black in our colour scheme so they’d look a bit out of place.

On our way back to the car, we passed through a large department store which sells lots of different brands. In the sale section, I spotted the most beautiful shoes in an almost perfect colour match to the Bridesmaid dresses (which is amazing because the dresses are a really unique colour)!!! And they had them in the sizes I needed!

The Bridesmaid that was with me tried them on there and then and they fitted!! So I’ve bought a pair for the other two Bridesmaids and hopefully they’ll be able to try them on later today!

Fingers crossed for Bridesmaid shoes 3.0!!!!!!

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