SO addicted to Pinterest!!!

I mentioned Pinterest a few months back, but since then, my love for it has grown by about 1 million percent!! It. Is. FAB!!!

At first the site didn’t really grab me – but now I pop on there everyday to find more inspiration for our big day. Wonder if you’ll like it? Answer this.

Do you like seeing your ideas in photo form? Do you like to keep all these photos neatly stored in one place, or in categories? Do you like to have these photos to hand wherever you are?

If you answered yes to any of these, then get yourself on there!

For those who haven’t heard of Pinterest before, its basically a site which allows you to save photos onto these online scrapbooks that they call ‘boards’ – its basically like creating mood boards for your wedding, yet there’s no gluing or paper to be seen!

Of course there’s more than just wedding stuff on there, but at the moment, its the wedding stuff that’s got me hooked.

Here’s a teeny tiny quick sneak peak at mine…

Literally type your ‘crazy, never done before’ idea into the search bar, and something beautiful will come up. I like to think I’m pretty original in my thinking, but unfortunately for my ego, there’s hundreds of Brides and Grooms who have had the exact same idea long before me. The plus side to this, is that I can have a visual image of whatever I’m thinking of close to hand, so that its easier to explain my ideas to suppliers etc without them just nodding their heads but having no idea of what I’m actually talking about!!

And it will give YOU so many extra ideas! I’ve taken on about 10 extra DIY projects that have only materialised because I’ve seen them on Pinterest – but it’ll help develop my theme so much more!

Also, you can follow people. So if you keep seeing things that are posted by a particular person, you can follow them to keep an eye on what else they are adding to their boards.

My username is laurengrapes if you fancy having a look at what I’ve been pinning….

I <3 Pinterest!!!

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