The easy peasiest DIY candle decorations ever

It doesn’t matter what time of year you’re getting married in, candles as decorations should be featured somewhere. For Mr M and I, candles feature heavily in our winter wedding decoration.

This week I’ve been playing around with lots of simple DIY ideas, and decided to have a go at creating some candle decorations. And the ones I’ve created are pretty much free, are used by most households and are readily available.

I’m talking about glass jars and tins.

So if you use sauces for cooking or eat baked beans, you’re in luck. Give them a good clean out, and take the paper wrapping off the outside. If you can get the gluey residue off that’s even better!

You can either use the glass jars as they are, and put no decoration on them, or you can jazz them up a little. I personally, am doing a bit of both. The candles I’m displaying outside lining the paths, hanging from the trees, and also clustering on the windowsills, I’ll be leaving plain.

However I am also using them on the top table as part of the decoration. For these I’ll be decorating them with sticks and twine to fit in with our theme. I’ve made 5 already, but I need to go back to the venue to measure how long the top table is so I can make the right amount to spread along it.

You can also decorate them with ribbon, or use tissue paper and PVA glue to add some colour to your displays.

With regards to using tins, these are best decorated in someway, because obviously they aren’t see-through like the glass jars are. The easiest way to do this is by putting little holes into the sides to allow the light to come through! You could either add the holes in a random pattern, or alternatively you could create heart shapes, stars or initials. All are really effective.

Then pop in a tealight and you’re good to go!!

Just remember, they can get VERY hot after a while, so be careful if you pick them up with bare hands, or perhaps it would be best to use battery powered lights instead. 

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