Wedding pretties

 I went to our local garden centre this weekend just gone as they have already got their Christmas displays up!! (Yes, I know its October, but its exciting!!)

This particular garden centre has AMAZING Christmas displays, and handily, they sell loads of glitzy decorative embellishments which are perfect for decorating our venue for our December winter wedding!

They probably have at least 8 different themed Christmas displays – the ones that were most useful to me were their woodland animal theme and their Venetian gold theme – both of which are the foundation for our wedding…

There we go, after 15 months of planning, I’ve given away our theme for the first time!!!!

I managed to pick up loads of handy bits which will be used to decorate various different parts of our venue. And even better, I managed to buy some feather bird embellishments for half the price I’d found anywhere else and online!!

I also got some inspiration for our table place name display. I’d always planned to have a ‘leafless tree’ as the table plan, and their section of Christmas trees really helped cement my ideas.

Overall, it was a really good trip!!!

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