VERY successful shopping trip!!

So I went shopping yesterday and bought loads of fab weddingy bits!!!

From The Range, I bought some lovely wooden candle holders to go on either side of the top table and also the signing of the register table (I’ll be having them moved from the register table to the top table after the ceremony, so I’ll be getting the most of my money out of them!), some small wicker hearts and some foam ivory roses to make a few more buttonholes and corsages with.

I also bought my three Bridesmaids a different pair of shoes after the last lot weren’t suitable for all of them (see previous post for that drama).  They were an absolute steal at £10 each!!! Just got to give them to the girls and have them try them on now… lets see how that one goes!!

I also got my Bridesmaids a lovely pearl and diamante side tiara to wear on the day, and also a little pair of slipper socks that match our colour scheme to put in their thank you bags that I’ll be giving them on the morning!

All in all, it was a pretty successful shopping trip!!!


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